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YouTube remains one of the most popular social platforms for growth. It is suitable for different kinds of content and is opened to new talents in every niche. But the competition on YouTube is high as never before.

To beat established bloggers, one has to develop the channel in the right way. And one of your primary concerns is to attract users to your content.

To make this process a little easier, here are gathered the most valuable insights about driving the attention of the viewers to your channel on YouTube.

01Purchasing Stats

The topic of using purchased stats to increase your promotion results is controversial. If you make a choice to buy viewers on YouTube, you have to understand that such a purchase won’t be a substitution for organic growth.

It will only help you to attract the interest of organic users if you did everything else right. Remember that mindlessly buying views, likes, and so on, you face significant risk, and without a proper strategy, you have no result in the end.

02Produce Compelling Content

Whatever else tips will be described here, nothing will work if your videos aren’t good. If you want to attract viewers to your content – create what they want to see.

Of course, as the competition in meaningful industries is very high, you must put a lot of creativity into your content. The easiest and most effective way to go here is to create something that resonates with you.

Users appreciate seeing true passion about the topic and will gladly repay you with their likes and subscribing. And never stop trying new things. You never know what will engage your viewers the most.

03Retain Your Audience

To get more viewers on YouTube, you must aim to convert them into subscribers. A considerable number of subs on your channel means you get a stable flow of views for your new videos and can impress newcomers.

When people see that your content has already attracted many users who decided to stay, they will be more likely to check out what you have to offer. And as your subscriber’s count goes up, the number of views you get on each new video will increase and enhance your ranking position.

04Make Playlists

This is a genuinely magical method to get more views on your channel. The general idea of this method is loss aversion. It means that the disappointment from losing something is twice as bad as the joy from getting something equal.

And YouTube playlists are subtly using this. The auto-play provided in playlists leaves only the question, “do you want to do an additional click and stop the video?”. Thanks to that feature of psychology, users most likely will keep watching.

But remember, if you try to use that method and add non-related and bad videos to gain more views artificially, people will be annoyed and stop watching.

04Make Custom Thumbnails 

To attract the interest of people to your video, you have to make it stand out visually. Whether users are scrolling trends or looking through their search results on YouTube, the first thing they see is a small picture called a thumbnail.

It is the first representation of your content to a potential viewer, and it holds great power even though it is tiny.

  • Add branding details to your thumbnail for better recognition and a more professional look.
  • Go for minimalistic designs so essential details can be easily seen and understood.
  • Don’t add much text to your thumbnail – it won’t be easy to read and will create a sense of informational junk on the picture.
  • Mix bright and mild complementary colors.
  • Leave air on the image. With its small size, it would look better.

05Write Good Titles

This is a matter of SEO that can provide a lot of views in combination with good thumbnails. The title of your video has to be descriptive yet leave some place for intrigue to motivate users to discover it.

And another important point here is that you should do excellent keyword research. Try to always include at least one most relevant keyword to your title organically, increasing your chances to be noticed by users who are interested in your niche.

Think of your titles like these are headlines for a magazine or a newspaper.

06Promote On Other Platforms

One of the effective ways of getting more new viewers for your YouTube videos is to find them on other networks. It is impossible to be a successful blogger if you don’t account for major social networks like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

The ultimate rule to follow here is that you must post exclusive content for each platform you occupy. Occasionally, you can promote your videos and redirect users from other social media to your channel on YouTube.

Making different posts for different platforms gives you access to the interest of a much wider audience. Some popular bloggers can even create and sell ebook Thus, you can cross-promote your social channels and gain more influence, impressing a larger target group.

07Concentrate On Your Topic

One of the ways to gain more viewers is to make your channel content more accurate and concrete. Concentrating on a particular aspect of your industry will help you provide more authentic content, which is much more enjoyable.

Trying to piggyback on generally popular themes won’t bring you anywhere, so your task is to find a new topic and make it your prominent one. Of course, you mustn’t limit yourself to one topic, but you also shouldn’t try to embrace all the content ideas that the industry has to offer.

Besides, being more accurate and concrete makes you look more professional. Increase your topic range as you go to keep your subscribers engaged and attract new users. But always start with a smaller arsenal of themes in your pocket.

08Optimize Your Channel

This will make your content easier to discover. Good optimization provides your videos, and your channel will appear in relevant search results. Hence users who find your content are already interested in such content.

  • Channel description. This is a 1000-character field that appears when you click “About”. Here you must explain to users why they should check out your content, motivate them to subscribe and follow your posts. Here, you can also mention your other social channels.
  • Channel keywords. To add those, go to “Channel” and find “Advanced”. There, you will find a box where you should put your keywords.
  • Enable related channels. Don’t think that this feature is not significant. When you turn on this option, you achieve the opportunity to use the network effect of YouTube and lose a lot of possibilities to get more viewers.

09Add Transcripts 

By transcription of your videos, you can seriously widen your influence. Adding subtitles makes your content available for foreigners who share the same interests. Also, this is a possibility to add a lot more keywords to increase your ranking and position in search results.

10. Encourage Users to Subscribe

Many users will come to your video, watch it and leave. They might never come back to your channel again even if your videos are of great quality because there are plenty. So, you must encourage every user that comes to your video to subscribe so that your overall subscribers go up.

If a user subscribes to your channels, you will get your new videos in their timeline. While some users will subscribe even if you don’t ask, there will be many users who will not.

Make sure to ask your users to subscribe to your channel in every video you publish. Asking users to take action will substantially increase the overall engagement.


Getting viewers for your channel is a part of a grand strategy. To attract people to your content, you must do a lot of work and plan your tactics well. But remember that quality is before quantity.