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What is the Instagram Algorithm?

Like most other Social Media Algorithms, the Instagram Algorithm is a way of sorting posts in a users’ feed based on relevancy as opposed to the publishing time. This means that they will prioritize which piece of content a user sees by the likelihood they will find the post of interest.

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Why should I Optimize my content for the Algorithm?

Algorithms are usually seen as helpful by your average social media user. However, marketers failing to optimize their content for the Algorithm will find it hard to achieve the reach and engagement they desire on their posts. So we have put together this guide to show you which factors influence the Instagram algorithm so that you can adapt your content and achieve better results.


Which factors influence the Instagram Algorithm in 2021?


1.) Interest

Creating relevant and engaging content is a vital part of pleasing the algorithm and your audience. The algorithm knows the type of content your audience likes to see, so the more you provide them with what they want, the higher you will appear in the feeds. A great way to find out what content your audience wants you to publish is by posting story polls and other interactive stickers asking them directly. This data can then be used to plan your content going forward to help achieve better results.


2.) Relationship

The algorithm will determine which accounts appear at the top of your audience’s feed based on who they interact with most on the platform (e.g. people whose posts they like, people they direct message, people they search for, etc.). In order to encourage these interactions, you should try to create a relationship with your audience by encouraging them to ask a question, give an opinion in the comments or through a direct message.

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3.) Timeliness

Not only does the algorithm look at the interaction you receive on your posts, but it also looks at how long ago the content was published. This is because it wants to serve your audience the latest and most engaging posts. This means you should focus on posting at a time when your audience is most active otherwise you run the risk of them not seeing it. The use of Social Media Scheduling tools can ensure you are posting at the right time.

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4.) Frequency

Posting frequently on your feed or story is massively important to achieving a higher rank in the algorithm. The more frequently your audience is engaging with your content the more the algorithm is going to think they want to see your content. However, you need to ensure that this isn’t having an impact on the quality of your content otherwise you will not achieve your desired engagement and reach. By creating a content calendar you can plan your posts to ensure that you are posting frequently enough and at the right times.

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