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YouTube channels that have more subscribers are more likely to be found online than channels that don’t have enough of those people.

The effect can be noticed the most in the search results you get when you look for certain keywords on YouTube.

You can get more subscribers to your YouTube channel so your work will be more visible and attractive to everyone on the site. But to make this work, you have to use a few points for helping you make the most out of your work.

Video content has seen probably the highest growth amongst all other forms of content in terms of creation and consumption in the recent past; the reason being its high level of engagement.

From Vlogging (Video Blogging) to Video Marketing, businesses and individuals are showing more and more interest in video content creation and dissemination.

One of the best platforms for video sharing, YouTube has more than a billion visitors per month and even that is growing at a strong pace.

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have also stepped into the video content game and users are making the best use of videos to get more traffic and engagement for their brands.

In such a scenario, making your content reach a huge number of audiences isn’t a very difficult task.

All you need is proper planning and some techniques to let people know that you exist.

If you’re a YouTuber, you would relate to the struggle of getting subscribers on your channel. Here are tested techniques that will help you to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel

Remember that these factors are critical for your YouTube channel, especially if you are just starting out.

You need to get more subscribers to cross the 1,000 marks on YouTube. You’ll be able to get access to more features on the site and produce more unique content when you have enough people following you and noticing what you have to offer.

#1. Figure Out Your Audience

Look at the audience you’re trying to target on your YouTube channel. The audience should be one that would be interested in your work above all others.

You can plan the audience out to make it easier for you to target people well enough.

#2. Produce a Trailer

Many people who get on your YouTube channel might be doing so out of curiosity or maybe by accident.

You can produce a trailer that will automatically play on your site when someone who is not subscribed to your channel looks at what you have.

The trailer will cover information on everything surrounding your work, including details on what your channel is about and what people can expect.

Make sure you produce a unique trailer for your site. You don’t want to use the most recent video as your trailer or else people might not be interested in what you are offering.

If you are looking for tools to create a high quality intro video for your YouTube channel, we have listed over 20 tools here.

#3. Produce Attractive Thumbnails

The thumbnail on a YouTube video is a small box that shows the viewer what the video will be about.

Sometimes the box will feature a shot of the video. But the best idea is to create a customized thumbnail with attractive graphics and text features.

These points will preview your video to the audience and make what you are offering more attractive.

Besides, having a shot of your video as the basic thumbnail might make the video less appealing to others who might want to see what you have.

#4. Plan a Schedule for Releasing Your Videos

The schedule that you will incorporate for your videos should be planned well enough.

The schedule can include times for when you want to introduce certain bits of content to the audience. You could post videos on certain days of the week as needed.

You can work with as much of a plan as you wish for getting your videos produced well enough.

#5. Create a Playlist

A playlist can be produced on your video channel. The playlist can include a series of points highlighting everything relating to a certain topic or idea that you want to share with others.

The details you want to highlight on your playlist can vary based on the concept. But they should all be unique videos that are relevant to what you wish to discuss or highlight.

You have the option to curate other content in your playlist if you prefer. But this would work best if you are careful enough with the content and that you don’t do anything too unusual with your work.

#6. Hold Live Events

YouTube has been growing with more features than ever before. One of the most exciting features you can incorporate on your YouTube channel entails the use of live events.

You can have many live events on your YouTube channel, including live Q&A sessions or introductory activities among other things. You could post on other social media sites about when you’re going to have these live events too.

People who participate in these live events might be more interested in what you want to discuss.

These events will allow people to learn more about what you have to offer and that you’ve got interesting things to discuss.

People may want to review more of your videos after the live event and eventually subscribe to your channel if they are satisfied with what you have offered them.

(Note: Live events are only available on channels that have at least 1,000 subscribers. That number will drop to 100 if you are running a certified non-profit entity. Fortunately, the other tips you have been reading about here can help you with finding those subscribers and getting them to support your channel.)

#7. Ask People for Suggestions

Sometimes it helps to listen to what people on your YouTube channel about what they might be interested in. Gauge the opinions of those people if possible.

Ask them about what they are interested in the most. Their ideas may help dictate what you could be doing with your channel in the future.

This point works especially in cases where you’ll understand more about what you want to highlight or how you’re going to come about some ideas of value to you.

#8. Increase Your Frequency

Youtube Video Sharing Frequency
Neil Patel shares a new video every two days on Youtube

Needless to say, your video sharing frequency is proportional to your chances of being viewed.

As content consumption has increased, only the channels that increase the frequency with which they create content will survive in the long run.

A user usually subscribes to your channel to keep receiving more of your content.

The best way to keep your existing subscribers engaged and attracting more subscribers is sticking to a routine and posting videos at regular intervals.

The more you’re willing to produce, the more your audience will be willing to consume.

#9. Choose Your Titles Wisely

catchy YouTube video title

No matter how useful your content is, if it doesn’t reach the desired number of people, it won’t help in bringing more subscribers.

Along with the obvious technique of adding keywords to your video’s title for SEO purposes, giving your videos an offbeat title will bring organic visitors if they arouse curiosity.

Review the titles of your YouTube videos at the start. The titles should be sensible and easy to follow. They can include descriptions of what’s in your videos.

For Instance, video titles like “Here’s what happens when you mix soda with water” or “This method will make you get 8 hours of sleep in 5 hours” generates curiosity in the visitors’ mind and such videos witness a really high view count.

Some keywords could also be included in those videos. People will be more likely to click the links to see what you’ve got going and therefore be more likely to become subscribers.

#10. Customize Your YouTube Channel

Customize Your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube channel’s first look says a lot about the quality of your content.

A professionally customized YouTube channel holds the attention of the user and generates curiosity to learn more about the channel.

From a well-designed channel art to a highly engaging featured video, make your channel appear highly professional and you will surely see a rise in the number of subscribers.

Check out our blog on YouTube channel banners to create an appealing banner for your channel.

#11. Use Call to Action Annotations

Youtube video call to action

Call to action annotations are like a blessing for YouTubers. These are the pop-ups that appear on the screen while the video is playing. You can make use of these annotations by adding a call to actions on them.

Most YouTubers use annotations like “Enjoying the video? Give it a like” or “Subscribe Now” but you can be more creative by adding humor or some special elements to it.

While adding annotations, keep in mind the correct timing. If you put annotations at the starting of your video, it will probably annoy the viewer.

Engage them by the useful content in the first half of the video and then put annotations for a call to action.

#12. Content is Still the King

Great YouTube Video Content

Lastly, the most important aspect of any video is its script and the value it provides to the viewers.

Our suggestion is to put 70-80% of your focus on the content and only the rest of other activities.

A combination of information and entertainment will make your YouTube channel stand out irrespective of the competition.

Which methods are you using to increase the subscriber count of your YouTube Channel? Let us know in the comments below!