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Achieving measurable social media ROI is very similar to teens and sex – everyone’s talking about it but very few are actually doing it.

It’s interesting because many marketing and social media leaders within brands and organizations of all sizes dream about achieving real ROI using social media, yet very few of them actually bring to fruition much more than a social media dream.

As marketers, it’s in our DNA to move fast. We want to dig into new platforms, learn by trying and failing. We believe in risk, in jumping onto social platforms before they are proven. We believe in life-long learning and that life’s one big course for the taking. This mindset can be good and can drive results, however, at the same these behaviors can push teams and organizations into cycles of wasted time, mindshare, and investment.

So how do you choose, set, and prioritize goals and objectives for social media? How do you align social to business goals where social media can have the greatest impact?

Here is a workbook to keep you organized and motivated as you prioritize, plan, execute and measure your 2021 marketing strategy.

Get the PDF Here > Social Marketing Prioritization Workbook